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Productive versus Unproductive Selling Activities

As I’ve written in previous blogs there is both an “art” as well as a “science” to selling. The “art” of selling includes building rapport/trust, establishing/nurturing relationships, etc.  The “science” of selling includes the rigor and discipline of doing productive selling activities on a daily basis.  Listed below are selected productive versus unproductive selling activities:

Productive Selling Activities

  • Got to the Decision Maker early in the sales cycle
  • Engaged the Decision Maker in strategic, proactive conversations
  • Uncovered “need”
  • Differentiated myself from my competition
  • Cost-justified my solution
  • Got a referral
  • Short sales cycle
  • Big commission dollars
  • Knocked out the competition
  • Had multiple points of contact
  • Received repeat business

Unproductive Selling Activities

  • Didn’t get to the Decision Maker
  • Was reactive/tactical
  • Couldn’t uncover “need”
  • My solution was viewed as a commodity
  • Couldn’t cost-justify my solution
  • Mystery Decision Maker
  • Sales cycle dragged on and on
  • Wasted a lot of time/Opportunity costs
  • Competition won
  • Had a single-point failure
  • Didn’t realize that they were never going to buy in the first place…they were using me to “beat up” the incumbent

Take a moment to review both lists and check how many apply to your world and then modify your behavior accordingly

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